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I am Asher, King of Flowers and the Misspeller of Words
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  • merlwyb:

    lemme see if it was any good

    no delete it i look dumb

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  • Pre-styled hair looks better than my styled hair. #whatismylife

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  • "

    To everyone who thinks they’re doing us retail associates a favor when they leave behind a mess:

    To everyone who thinks ‘Oh but it’s job security!’ when they put an item down somewhere other than where they picked it up:

    To everyone who tells their child ‘Just leave it there, it’s what they’re paid for anyway’ when they decide they don’t want an item:

    To everyone who watches an employee meticulously fold a pile of shirts for the third time:

    To everyone who puts something down mere inches from where they got it from in the first place:

    STOP IT.

    You’re not helping us. You’re a hinderance. A discrace.
    Did your mother teach you to act like that?

    It’s not job security.
    I’d still be working here if I didn’t have to clean up behind you every five minutes. So would my coworkers.

    We’re not paid to clean. We’re paid to assist.
    House cleaners get paid more than minimum wage.

    Our job is to help make your shopping trip easier. Faster. More convenient.
    How is it convenient for you to make it hard for me to find the things you so desperately need?

    If you only paid attention and made an effort, you wouldn’t have to be here in my store for fourty-five minutes longer than necessary because the system says we have twelve of the last thing on your list, but none of them are in the correct spot.

    We are human beings.

    Treat us that way.


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    Very similar to one of my previous reblogs but I don’t care, this is incredibly important.

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  • "I’m gonna write tonight!!"
    Me fucking lying to myself (via biological-splicer)

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  • The Thing!!

    theunearthlyfool tagged me!! :D

    1. what your name? Asher, King of Flowers and Misspeller of Words
    2. when birth? Tuesday October the 4th in the year 1988
    3. where from? Pittsburgh, PA
    4. crushin? Yes, but I’m ignoring it, ain’t nobody got time for that.
    5. fav colour? Brown and Teal, basically all the neutral and cool colors
    6. say something in all caps: BUDDHA! 
    7. fav band? Bastille
    8. fav number? 25
    9. fav drink? Non-alcoholic: Green Tea; Alcoholic: Mai Tai 
    10. tag: lol, no. 
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