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  • While hanging out with my best friend in his pool his niece came to the window and told us she wanted to swim with us. She had already been told no by her mom cause it was late and the water was cold. So to appease her Phillip splashed her through the window. She wasn’t excepting it and so after getting over the shock looked at us and said “Really guys?”

    Then Phillip and I nearly drown from laughing. 

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    im gonna throw this at everyone

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    So, uh… I know I say “I’m fine”, “Things are okay” and all that jazz, but, that’s not all entirely true - I’ve always had a hard time asking for help and I’ve always hated causing too much attention to myself, I prefer to fly under the radar and would rather not bother anyone with my problems but, well, I guess I’m gonna try and get over that because I kind of really do need some help… 

    And I guess this kind of explains all that… my sort of soul-bearing full disclosure kind of deal. 

    What this all really winds down to is I need help with rent and that in turn will help me get my life back on track as I won’t be stressing out to the point of just shutting down entirely and I psyche myself out of doing anything healthy or productive.

    If you should share this around I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you guys. <3

    I greatly treasure all the likes the post is getting, but, what I really need is reblogs so that more people can see the message and donate if they have anything they can spare. ;u;

    Any amount is more than welcome, literally every penny counts. <3
    Thank you guys! <3!!!

    Adding a new little thing here for you guys!
    If you are uncomfortable donating money via GoFundMe I made a Paypal donation button - And here is the button for y’all!

    Thank you again for all the reblogs you guys!
    You are so amazing! ;u;
    I love you all. <3

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    Who wants to be my girlfriend?

    Any takers?


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    me: i’m gonna write

    me: [reads another person’s writing]

    me: i’m never writing again

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    there’s a special place in hell reserved just for me

    it’s called the throne

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    Fontainebleau Palace, France (by Coussier)

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    congratulations snow white that’s fucking unsanitary as shit

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